Who’s Mrs. Kooy? : My Story

I have had a two year journey so far, always reevaluating my goals and creating new opportunities for continued progress!

I have had a two year journey so far, always reevaluating my goals and creating new opportunities for continued progress!


Well Hello Readers!

My name is Stephanie Vanderkooy, I’m working on the later part of my twenties and for the last two years I’ve been working on a healthy lifestyle that includes numerous physical activities & healthy choices with my diet. I’m happily married (July 28th 2012– a big motivator for my fitness transformation) to my loving husband, Jeremy. He is incredibly supportive of my ambitions & aspirations, and also helps keep me on track and brings me back to reality when I get a little carried away.

high fivesteph and jer







I am a certified teacher, with a passion for special education & primary years. The teaching journey has been quite a challenge I’m not where I want to be yet– but I have faith that I’ll find my fit soon and get settled into my career quickly!

having a little break for some baking!

having a little break for some baking!

In October 2012 I became a certified personal trainer, so now I’m balancing the two careers which I absolutely love! There is nothing better than finishing my day with kids, bringing out the best in a group of women– and kicking some serious A**es with a great workout!!

bootcamp classes!!
Oh, and if I didn’t have enough on the go already, in the winter time I also instruct snowboarding. Snowboarding is another passion of mine, and because I love to teach, I always find a way to combine the things I love to do with teaching!

2013-03-13 11.54.46


I love to write, and I want to share with everyone secrets to my fitness success! One of my goals is to establish myself in this fitness industry, I want people to know who I am, and come to me to help transform their lives. Most importantly, I want everyone who follows my blog to realize that all this happiness & success begins with you. It’s a choice you must make, and it almost always begins outside of your comfort zone.
You’ll read my posts, share some laughs with me, and begin to believe that this can be possible for you too. This blog is not intended for vicarious experiences. I want you to look within yourself, realize the strength and beauty you have to follow what makes you happy.

Happy reading, send me emails & comments whenever you like! I will respond as quickly as I can… and ALWAYS remember:

magic happens


2 thoughts on “Who’s Mrs. Kooy? : My Story

  1. Steph, I am so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished the last two years. You look amazing and you are a real inspiration to all of us. If you don’t try for the dream or a goal, no matter how small or large, you can never achieve it. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to hear more from your blog!

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