17 Quotes to Keep You Going When You Want to Quit


When I decided to finally step up and get myself back to the athletic woman I knew deep down was inside of me, it was tough. I can remember at times running on the treadmill in my apartment and collapsing in a heap on the floor in tears. I remember feeling defeated, weak, incompetent…etc. You name it, and I had labelled myself some sort of failure.

Finally, I had enough. I really wanted to prove to myself that I COULD do it, and that I was actually going to see something through to the end. (Now, at the time I didn’t realize that once you hit your goals.. the end is indefinite because you’re continually surpassing old goals and creating new ones)

I sat on my laptop and typed out as many words as possible that I could print out to tell myself to keep on going! I printed them out, glued them to a pretty pink background… and literally tacked them onto the wall beside the treadmill.

Every time I wanted to quit, I would yell those quotes out. (I’m sure hubby thought I was nuts) And let me tell you….IT HELPED!

Slowly, but surely I was crying less (hehe), lasting longer on my runs, and lunges & squats didn’t make me want to keel over and die.

You have to get out of your own head when you’re working out. Your mind will quit WAY before your body ever does. If you can retrain your brain to embrace the struggle, and feel pride at your accomplishments…. that old you, the one who was quick to judge & quick to quit, eventually becomes quiet.

I know she’s still in there, waiting for an opportunity to show up in a moment of struggle. But I also know now that I’ve got a LOUDER voice that reminds me where I’ve come from, how strong I REALLY am, and how much I deserve to finish—for my confidence, and for my health!