“I think you’re having a mid-twenties life crisis”

So the other day my husband accused me of having a mid-twenties life crisis!

haha, and to be honest– the more that I thought about it, I don’t think he’s too off track.


See, here’s the thing. I’m happily married, fresh into a new house, career getting officially started in September, great second career with fitness, and loads of favorable pass times to keep me busy. The next thing on my life agenda (and trust me, I HAVE a life agenda) is when to start our family. Yes, most of the people I talk to respond the same way: ENJOY yourself, DON’T RUSH, Kids are GREAT– but it changes everything. All valid points, but guess what?

I’m okay with this.

So then, why might my beloved hubby accuse me of this mid-twenties crisis?

Well, lately all I’ve wanted to do is get a new tattoo. Actually, TWO tattoos. Not large ones, I already have two small ones but I can’t stop thinking about placements, designs, and getting together with friends to do it! The first one I want will directly relate to my personality & the love of being happy & free. The second one I want to connect to my love for fitness & health.

Besides the tattoo obsession at the moment, I’ve found myself taking an interest in drinking more alcohol than usual. Not excessively, but if you knew Jeremy & I, you would know that it’s not something that we frequently do!

I’ve come to the realization that these new interests in my life may quite possibly correlate to the fact that maybe this time next year I won’t be able to participate in any of these events!

SO then, to a degree, I’m definitely having a mid-twenties crisis– which I don’t think is a bad thing! I’m ready to move forward and keep advancing in my life with my husband, so perhaps I’m looking at this summer as my last “fling”!

I think it’s important to recognize these life changes, and embrace them. So while I titled this post about my “crisis” I want to suggest that it really is nothing but positive changes moving forward. These are healthy & exciting responses to me accepting the next phases in my life, and marking a few permanent lifestyle choices on my body before my body changes!

Now now, no one needs to get the wrong idea here. Don’t expect the “we’re pregnant” post ANY TIME SOON.

I just want to put out there that I’ve recognized the change within myself, and the small impulsive behaviors that I have mulled over enough to know that my they will not be regretted! And perhaps, there’s a small piece of you, my readers who have gone through- or are going through something similar in your own lives! It may not directly correlate to having a baby, or starting a family… but I’m sure there’s been a time in your life with big change and you felt like there were some impulsive decisions made along the way while you figured out your next move.

Take a moment to embrace those decisions, and know that those impulsive “blips” along the way is what makes the road ahead SO much more exciting!

Have a great night 🙂


Standing on the Other Side of the Finish Line

Today my husband ran his first 10K.

I remember when he asked me if I wanted to run it with him. I thought about it, but quickly decided that for once I was going to step back and let him have his moment. I wanted to be there at the finish line cheering him on, as he does so so often for me.

While I was waiting, and watching others finish their race, it really hit me what an emotional journey accomplishing a run can be. There were people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages all working towards their own personal goal. I think I could have stood there all day cheering on these strangers, because the pride in their faces as they pushed through their final stretch was both amazing, and inspiring!

Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with my emotions because I found myself continually tearing up as people came towards the finish line. The mother’s hearing their children cheer for them, the fathers, the husbands, wives, friends and the children! The energy at these events makes you remember the goodness in the world, and keeps you inspired to push through with those goals and achieve what was one thought impossible.

One of the best feelings when you cross that line at the end is looking for that familiar face. Knowing that someone supported the journey that took you to this point, and watched you follow through! I was so proud watching Jer run across that finish line, he worked so hard and his finishing time was outstanding! Even better, was squeezing through the crowd to get to him once he finished! As happy as he was, I knew– just like when I finish– he was looking for that familiar face so he could smile and say “I did it!”

He did.

Congratulations my man, you made me proud today!
Now, rest up this week because next week we run our first race together!

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