Me…. and the Lime ;)

I’m BACCK ๐Ÿ™‚

It feels so darn good to get back to writing! Let me tell you, when you want to be writing about what is going on in your life and how it relates to fitness but you have to distance yourself for a little while it is HARD. But, alas– the time has come to dust off my keyboard and begin my journey on here again!

Why, do you ask, would I leave you in the dark like this? When I was posting about my new goals and how I was going to push through for new accomplishments this year?

Well– actually– it has something to do with the fact that some of my goals have changed sliiighhtly in these last few months. As you may recall from previous posts, I have some race dates approaching in May– and was supposed to have some weight loss goals accomplished by– well– now. Not to disappoint, but weight loss for me is something that is NOT going to be on my agenda– at least for the next.. let’s say…9 months?

Yep. That’s right folks, your MrsKooyFitness is going to be MrsKooyMama! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m finally at a stage in my journey when I can begin to discuss this exciting event openly. And well there are never any guarantees in life, all one can hope for is to continue on this healthy path which will lead to the birth of a happy and healthy baby. But let me tell you– not only has it been difficult not writing on here to share my experiences thus far– the changes I have had to make to my own regularly active lifestyle have taken me some time to adjust to– and be okay with.

Slowly, I’m gaining my energy back (this little poppyseed, turned olive, turned prune, turned lime— has been eating away at my energy levels!) and dare I say– I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the toile– ugh— tunnel?

Today I accomplished a significant landmark for myself and baby lime. (the food references are not my cravings, they are — according to my “in depth” reading on my phone APP “baby bump”– the size of my growing baby!) Last night a good friend send me a text letting me know that our usual running crew were going to venture out tomorrow and try a small 7K to get back on the road. (7K used to be smaller for me.. but lately walking on the treadmill gets my heart rate up there so I was unsure whether I wanted to hold them back) I decided I was going to show up and do my best, and if I had to walk a bit so be it. We typically run before our bootcamp classes on Saturday so I thought if I was going to make the trek down there I would stay for the class afterwards and work at my own pace. My own pace. Something that was hard to dial down.. but I’m getting better at.

So I woke up this morning at 5:15– snoozed until 5:30… and finally got my little booty out of bed at 5:45 to get dressed, pack, and be ready to leave at 6:00. Well– apparently little lime wasn’t having this new agenda. One quick brush of my teeth sent me right over to my porcelain friend. The first few interactions with the toilet had me feeling like maybe I should just call the girls and tell them it’s not the morning for me, and go back to bed. But by the 5th, 6th, and 7th heave-hoe it was time for baby lime and I to have a little heart to heart.

I stood up, rubbed my tummy and said

“Look baby lime– you and I have to learn how to cooperate with one another. Otherwise this is going to be a long journey for the two of us. I’m going for this run today, and baby– you’re coming with me. So please, let’s work together and have a great morning”

So off we went. And you know what?

We did it! We ran 4K together, had a nice pick-me-up at Tim Hortons to refuel, and finished with a great workout together in boot camp!

It can be scary in the beginning to know your limits when you’re pushing for two. The important thing to remember though is so long as you have been physically active up to your pregnancy, and your doctor gives you the ok to continue what you’re doing– go for it!

The rest is up to you– and your baby! Listen to your body, ultimately it will tell you if you need to slow down. But let me tell you– there is no greater feeling that knowing you took your time but finished a great workout that not only benefits you, but benefits your little addition. The one who’s also working hard– trying to grow.

Have a wonderful weekend my readers!
Talk soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


Success: Every Accomplishment Begins with the Decision to Try

I can distinctly remember the summer that Jeremy (my at the time boyfriend… now most recently husband ) asked me to go for a run with him. We had just moved to Markham, and it was a beautiful day to be outside. Now, this happened on two separate occasions and let me break down what happened the first time:

The run was simple enough; run from our place straight down Brimley to Steeles, turn around and run straight back. In total, it works out to be 4.6K. We started out strong, half way to Steeles the blister began to form, at Steeles I was frustrated because Jer was running faster than I was. (I may be slightly competitive) At the last leg of the run, feeling tired, sore and just plain angry, I whimpered and looked at Jer and said

I’m not a runner. I play sports, I don’t just run. It’s not my thing.

I walked back home, feeling defeated. The next time Jer asked me to go for a run, I came on my rollerblades, and still complained. After that, he stopped asking and frankly I don’t blame him. I had tried running in the past, and always felt like I was better suited for something else. In fact, it wasn’t until I met the ladies at my bootcamp that running reentered my life, and now has actually made others look at me as *GAASSSP*


Last year a group of us at my bootcamp decided to enter in the Spartan Sprint. I had justified the “running” in the race because it was broken up with obstacles that would give me a “rest”. The barbed wire, hay bails, fire pits… all of that was fine with me, it was the running that was “tripping” me out.

As a teacher, I’m always telling students how important it is to work through peer pressure, but at this particular moment in my life it was BECAUSE of peer pressure that I was able to increase my running endurance. It was because of training for that race, running up ski hills, running on trails, over smaller rolling hills, and having a group trudging forward with me, that I have gotten my stamina where it is today! I finished that race (7K) and I can actually remember saying to myself: “THAT WAS AMAZING! I NEED MORE!”

unleashing the adventure racer in me.

unleashing the adventure racer in me.

Needless to say, that race unleashed a demon in me… one that thrives on adventure races and challenging her body and mind to push forward and continue to make progress! Two months later, a team of us completed Tough Mudder, (16K) up and down more ski hills, more obstacles and most difficult: the mental grit.


Because of the intensity of some of the obstacles, and the size of the ski hills, we did stop a lot as a team so I never really felt like I “ran” for the whole distance. So I guess what I am saying is, I STILL never considered myselfย a “runner”

But on Sunday, I did it.

I ran.

I ran the whole time, and I ran a long distance.

Sunday, April 7th 2013, Myself and three wonderfully strong women completed our first 16K run: The Angus Glen Spring Ten Miler.

Am I going to say it was easy? No, absolutely not! Once we were past 12K, for me I needed to get out of my head! Part of me was thinking about how exhausted I was, and which body part was sore. But another part of me, the voice I’ve taught to speak LOUDER than my negative thoughts, was telling me to JUST. KEEP. GOING.

So, I took a deep breath and pushed through to cross that finish line!

The best part? Having Jeremy there watching me cross, with a huge smile on his face…waiting to say one phrase to me:

“I thought you weren’t a runner?”

Never underestimate your strength, and your determination. Your mind will quit WAY before your body ever will. I’ve been telling myself for years that running isn’t my thing. Now, I encourage women to give it a try, as they sit and tell me that exact same phrase:

“I’m not a runner”

What does that even mean? There is no definition of a runner.

“There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run” -John Bingham

The ONLY way you get better, is by doing it. Starting small, and working your way up there. Anyone can be a runner, you just have to get out there and do it.