Those Sunday Blahs

I have had one of those weekends where everything around me feels Blah.

I’m on my new fitness program, and adjusting my carb intake along with I’m sure other monthly stressors preparing to rear their ugly head….So my physical and emotional state these last two days have been horrendous!

My poor husband came home from overtime on Saturday excited to have date night, only to be greeted by Hyde, Mrs. Vanderkooy’s evil twin.

Today, I awoke in worse spirits, with a neck so sore I could barely turn my head! I decided rather than fight through these feelings… I would try to embrace them. So, after church, I went to my favorite place: CHAPTERS. I bought a new book, and a magazine with new yoga poses.

Last year I began to do yoga on a daily basis, in my living room with a DVD that I had bought from chapters. It was only 27 minutes long and I found it fabulous. I have been struggling to get back into routine of having that daily practice so I decided to try it tonight in the hopes it may clear my mind. I followed the series of stretches through about 20 minutes, and lead myself through a meditation afterwards.

For the first time in what feels like AGES, I let myself slip into a deep meditation where nothing entered my mind. It was just myself in this moment with my breath. It’s not easy to let external factors and thoughts escape and leave you with inner peace, so today felt triumphant. It really felt refreshing to take that time alone and center myself.

I’m glad that I took the time to listen to my body and my mind today. I feel as though I avoided what may have felt like an up hill battle with myself, which I think is why my mind allowed me peace when I reached for it.

I feel ready to start a fresh week, complete with: Gym, boot camp, kickboxing, and running.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

just be


Getting Back to Me

For the last month and a half, I have felt like I’ve been holding on to life by the tips of my fingers. Just gripping onto the ledge, hoping to keep the strength for a few more days… trying so hard not to let go.

Anyone that knows me know that I am NOTORIOUS for taking on too many things at once. But this time– I really over did it! Moving into my first house with Hubby, while starting my first LTO as a teacher, personal training 2-3 days during the week, certifying myself as a prenatal and postnatal specialist in training and trying to maintain my own personal fitness… was TOOOOO much!

You would think once teaching finished at the end of June it would slow down… but it hasn’t! I’m currently supervising Soccer camps which turned out to be more effort than I thought— I also have an online course that I’m trying to complete at the moment. Sadly, I’m subtracting a day of my training during the week.. but only to regain some much needed personal space to get back to me.

This week is looking promising! Aside from the soccer camp, I only have one day this week where I don’t be home before 9:00pm.

Today I went for a run, and it felt fantastic.
pre-run selfie!

I woke up at 6:30, slowly got myself ready to run at 7:00. I ran for 50 minutes, and finished the run off with some yoga upstairs– just in time for hubby to wake up! These are the types of mornings that have been lacking in my life. Ones where you

take the time to be alone, appreciate everything around you, reflect on circumstances in your life, and just BE.

It felt so good concentrating on my breathing, feeling my heart rate at a steady pace, and working up a great sweat! I’m aiming to revisit the gym tomorrow to get a good muscle burn on.

I also felt like I haven’t been getting the chance to sit and reflect on the fitness experiences and healthy eating habits I’ve been exploring and share them with you on here. I want to work really hard to bring posts to my readers that you can appreciate and that resonates with you.

So tonight, I put these questions out there to you:

What experiences have you had recently, or in the past that have made you feel like you’re at a stand and unable to complete ALL the things you’d love to do?
What have you done to help get yourself through those tough times, and back on track?

Would love to hear some of your comments,
Have a wonderful evening!